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What is the meaning of IC TIC?

ictic. Adjective. (not comparable) Pertaining to, or caused by, a blow; sudden; abrupt.

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Consequently, what does TIC mean in medical terms?

Tic: A repetitive movement that is difficult, if not impossible to voluntarily control. Tics can affect any group of muscles. The most common are facial tics, such as eye- blinking, nose-twitching, or grimacing.

Additionally, what does Tox o mean? , tox- , toxi- , toxo- Combining forms meaning poison, toxin. [G. toxikon, bow, hence (arrow) poison]

In this manner, what does tics mean in Latin?

“Politics: “Poli” a Latin word meaning "many" and "tics" meaning "bloodsucking creatures".”

What does the acronym TIC stand for?


Acronym Definition
TIC Theatre in the Classroom (various organizations)
TIC Tourist Information Center
TIC Tenancy in Common (finance)
TIC Tensar International Corporation (Atlanta, GA)

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