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What is the meaning of flower vase?

Noun. 1. vase - an open jar of glass or porcelain used as an ornament or to hold flowers. jar - a vessel (usually cylindrical) with a wide mouth and without handles.

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Regarding this, what does a vase symbolize?

vase < Julieta > The vase represents an immersive world, or the technology that surrounds us that we have created. It also stands as the maternal symbol; in this regard it is positive because it is about nourishment. The vase can hold things inside as well. It will have a texture that moves like water.

what is the spelling of flower vase? Correct spelling for the English word "flower vase" is [flˈa??? vˈ?ːz], [flˈa‍?? vˈ?ːz], [f_l_ˈa?_? v_ˈ?ː_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Considering this, what is the use of flower vase?

A flower vase is an opened decorative container commonly made of ceramic materials such as clay or glass for ornamentation purposes. Modern vases are widely decorated and used to hold artificial flowers. The purpose of flower vase is still as important as it used to be in the ancient time.

What is another word for vase?

Similar words for vase: bouquet (noun) container (noun) pot (noun) vase (noun)

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