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What is the mass of po4?

Percent composition by element
Element Symbol Atomic Mass
Oxygen O 15.9994
Phosphorus P 30.973761

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Also question is, what is the molecular mass of po4?


PubChem CID: 1061
Molecular Formula: O4P-3
Synonyms: phosphate orthophosphate Phosphate ion 14265-44-2 O-Phosphate More
Molecular Weight: 94.971 g/mol
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what is the molar mass of po4 3? Calcium fluoride phosphate (Ca5F(PO4)3)

PubChem CID: 165968
Structure: Find Similar Structures
Molecular Formula: Ca2FO4P
Synonyms: Calcium fluoride phosphate (Ca5F(PO4)3) calcium fluoride phosphate(2:1:1) EINECS 234-610-5 CTK4H7993 DTXSID10926828 More
Molecular Weight: 194.13 g/mol

Subsequently, question is, what is the relative formula mass of phosphate po4 )?

This is a complex anion consisting of 5 atoms (PO4^3-) so doesn't have an atomic mass. Only atoms can have an atomic mass. It does, however, have a Relative Formula Mass of 95, derived by adding the Relative Atomic Masses of the constituent atoms.

What is the percentage of oxygen by mass in calcium phosphate?

Percent composition by element

Element Symbol Mass Percent
Calcium Ca 38.763%
Oxygen O 41.265%
Phosphorus P 19.972%

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