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What is the major source of energy for Earth's surface?

The Sun

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Considering this, what is the major source of energy?

The major energy sources in the United States are petroleum (oil), natural gas, coal, nuclear, and renewable energy. The major users are residential and commercial buildings, industry, transportation, and electric power generators.

Also Know, which of these is the earth's main source of energy? Energy on the earth generally comes from three sources: the sun, primordial heat in the mantle and core, and heat of radioactive decay in the mantle and core. The latter two are often grouped together as “geothermal energy.” Nearly all the energy that is directly important to us comes from the sun.

Considering this, which is the largest source of energy for the Earth?

In 2014, the share of world energy consumption for electricity generation by source was coal at 41%, natural gas at 22%, nuclear at 11%, hydro at 16%, other sources (solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, etc.) at 6% and oil at 4%. Coal and natural gas were the most used energy fuels for generating electricity.

How are energy sources classified?

Energy sources are classified into two groups—renewable and nonrenewable. Renewable and nonrenewable energy can be converted into secondary energy sources such as electricity and hydrogen.

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