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What is the logical structure of Active Directory?

In Active Directory all resources are organized in a logical structure which enables any resource to be located by name rather than physical location. In Active Directory there are different type of resources and objects that define the logical structure: User, computer, group, printer, and network share objects.

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People also ask, what is logical and physical structure of Active Directory?

Physical Structure. The Logical Structure consists of Forests, Domain Trees, Domains, Organizational Units, and Objects. The Logical Structure consists of Forests, Domain Trees, Domains, Organizational Units, and Objects. Sites and Domain Controllers Are Part of the Physical Structure. Domain.

Additionally, what are the logical or physical structures of the AD environment? Active Directory Logical and Physical Components. The logical parts of Active Directory include forests, trees, domains, OUs and global catalogs. Each element of the logical structure of Active Directory is defined below: Domain – a domain in Windows 2000 is very similar to a domain is Windows NT.

Additionally, what is Active Directory structure?

Active Directory. Active Directory (AD) is a Microsoft technology used to manage computers and other devices on a network. The Active Directory structure includes three main tiers: 1) domains, 2) trees, and 3) forests. Several objects (users or devices) that all use the same database may be grouped into a single domain

What are the main components of Active Directory?

The key components include domain, tree, forest, organizational unit, and site. As you read through each structural component description, consider that domains, trees, forest, and sites are not only integral with Active Directory but also integral with DNS.

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