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What is the landform of most of Japan?

Located in the Circum-Pacific "ring of fire", Japan ispredominantly mountainous - about three-fourths of the nationalland is mountains - and long mountain ranges form thebackbone of the archipelago. The dramatic Japan Alps, studded with3,000-meter peaks, bisect the central portion of Honshu, themain island.

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Keeping this in consideration, what is the major landforms of Japan?

A long ridge of rugged mountains runs through the heartof Japan, punctuated by steep tree-lined slopes, and deepvalleys on the Pacific Ocean side, and lower hills and mountainsalong the Sea of Japan side.

Beside above, what is the landscape of Japan? Perhaps the most obvious landscape feature is thegreat extent to which Japan's mountainous area is covered byforest. Species indigenous to Japan range from sub-tropicalbroad leaf evergreens in the south through temperate deciduoustrees to sub-arctic needle leaf conifers in the north.

Considering this, what is Japan's biggest island?

Japan's Biggest Islands

  1. Honshu (88,017 square miles)
  2. Hokkaido (32,222 square miles)
  3. Kyushu (13,760 square miles)
  4. Shikoku (7,300 square miles)
  5. Okinawa (466 square miles)

How much of Japan is built on?

From the CIA World Factbook (World FactbookJapan) we can get some statistics. Japan has anextraordinarily high urbanised population of 93.5%. By contrast,the USA's is 81.6%, the UK's is 82.6% and South Korea's is 82.5%.The result of this is that Japan has some of the mostdensely populated urban areas on earth.

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