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What is the Jane Schaffer writing method?

The Schaffer method is a research-based writing formula commonly taught in middle and high school settings. The multi-paragraph essay structure was coined by Jane Schaffer in an effort to provide students and teachers with a consistent and proven formula for constructing essays.

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Herein, how do you write in Jane Schaffer?

Jane Schaffer paragraphs have some requirements that are as follows:

  1. Must not be written in first person.
  2. Every paragraph must be at least five sentences long; however, there can be more as long as the same ratio of two CMs to every CD is kept.
  3. Each section (TS, CD, CM, CS) is only one sentence in length.

Furthermore, what does CM mean in essay? LET'S ADD MORE! THREE CHUNK PARAGRAPH (11 Sentences) TS = Topic Sentence. CD = Concrete Detail. CM = Commentary.

Furthermore, is Jane Schaffer alive?

SAN DIEGO (SDJW)–Jane Schaffer, a master teacher whose methodology for writing essays is taught in high schools around the country, died of brain cancer early Sunday morning at home. She was 64.

What is a concrete detail in an essay?

Concrete details are things that we can detect with our senses. In contrast, abstract details describe things that cannot be heard, seen, or smelled. A concrete detail essay should have a standard structure that includes an introduction, body section, and conclusion, providing certain details in a form of commentary.

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