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What is the IWE solenoid Ford f150?

The IWE system is made up of four basic parts: 1). The IWE Solenoid/Valve Assembly (part# 7L1Z-9H465-B), which controls the flow of vacuum when you change drives.

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Considering this, how does Ford 4x4 actuator work?

The hub actuators connect the axle shaft to the wheel hub automatically when 4WD is selected. More accurately, they disconnect the axle and hub when the 4WD system is not engaged, reducing driveline loss caused by spinning an otherwise non-rotating axle.

Also Know, why do Ford trucks have locking hubs? They actually make conversion hubs so you can retrofit manual locking hubs to these trucks for an MPG increase. The front and rear wheels have to be spinning the same speed to engage auto locking hubs, so if you are stuck in the snow, the front wheels won't be spinning and can't engage.

Consequently, how does vacuum 4wd work?

When the engine is turned off or 4WD is engaged (either by floor shifter of dial selector) vacuum is released by the IWE solenoid to the actuators at the wheels. So vacuum to the actuators at the wheel unlocks the hubs for 2WD and release of vacuum by the solenoid locks them for 4WD.

How do I know if my VCT solenoid is bad?

Here are a few symptoms of a worn out or broken VVT solenoid.

  1. Check Engine Light comes on. Since today's modern cars are controlled by an Engine Control Unit (ECU), virtually all individual components are monitored by the ECU.
  2. Engine oil is dirty.
  3. Rough engine idle.
  4. Decrease in fuel economy.

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