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What is the income of the working class?

Lower-middle class: $30,000 - $49,999

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Likewise, what is considered the working class?

The most general definition, used by Marxists and many socialists, is that the working class includes all those who have nothing to sell but their labour power and skills. For example, the working class is loosely defined as those without college degrees.

One may also ask, what is Working Class in UK? The traditional working class, about 14% of British society, shows relatively poor economic capital, but some housing assets, few social contacts, and low highbrow and emerging cultural capital.

Besides, what is working class vs Middle Class?

Traditionally the upper class were the titled nobility. The upper class own property and companies (including investments) and create jobs. The working class are laborers who build, assemble or grow things. The middle class work for the upper class as managers and tell the working class laborers what to do.

What are the defining characteristics of the working class?

The working class includes roofers, delivery truck drivers, machine operators, and salespeople. Have below-average income and unstable employment. Lack of hospital insurance and retirement benefits. Little opportunity to get power.

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