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What is the importance of land reform in India?

One of the important objectives of land reforms in India is to make provision for more rational use of scarce land resources by changing the conditions of holdings, imposing ceilings on land holdings, so as run the cultivation process in a most economical manner without any waste of land, labour and capital.

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Similarly, it is asked, what is the importance of land reform?

Importance of Land Reforms The main incentive of these land reforms is to act as an incentive for the farmers and the cultivators of the land. If the government can assure their protection (from exploitation) and provide them financial help, these farmers are willing to do the hard work.

Furthermore, is land reform successful in India? Since its independence in 1947, there has been voluntary and state-initiated/mediated land reforms in several states with dual objective of efficient use of land and ensuring social justice. The most notable and successful example of land reforms are in the states of West Bengal and Kerala.

Furthermore, why is land reform so important to India?

Land reforms alter the power structure, both economic and political, since land has always been a source of wealth, income, status and power. It empowers the actual tillers of the soil, and organises and enables them to seek development benefits from the state.

What are the main land reforms of India?

Land reforms programmes in India includes: Abolition of Intermediaries, Tenancy reforms, consolidation of holdings and determination of holdings per family and to distribute surplus land among landless peoples.

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