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What is the highest CFM shop vac?

As of this writing, a ”6.5 peak horsepower” Shop-Vac® vacuum rated at [email protected] produces 185 CFM (87 l/s) of airflow and 64 inches (160 mbar) of pressure.

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Hereof, how many CFM does a shop vac have?

Shop Vac points out that its 2½-hp., two-stage vacuum operating with a conventional motor can generate 90 inches of suction and 100 cfm. This compares with 125 inches of suction and 110 cfm for its 2½-hp.

Likewise, what is the most powerful wet/dry vacuum? The Craftsman XSP 12006 was the most powerful of the wet/dry vacuums that we tested, cleaning up a whopping 2.2 gallons of water in 10 seconds.

In this manner, what Shop Vac has the best suction?

Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall: Shop-Vac 9633400 12-Gallon at Amazon.
  • Runner Up, Best Overall: Ridgid 50348 1400RV 14-Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum at Amazon.
  • Best Budget: Shop-Vac 5986100 Eight-Gallon at Amazon.
  • Runner Up, Best Budget Shop Vac: Craftsman 12004 Six-Gallon at Amazon.

How much horsepower do I need in a shop vac?

The higher the hp the greater the suction power, if your just vacuuming little stuff any 1-2 hp vac will do. If your removing dirt, sand, all sorts of debris, I'd recommend 4-5 hp.

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