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What is the hierarchy of group policy?

The four unique levels of hierarchy for Group Policy processing are called Local, Site, Domain, and OU. Let's spend a few minutes going through each one so that you can understand how they are different, and also how they fit together.

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Then, what is the order of Group Policy processing?

When multiple Group Policy Objects are linked to a single AD container, they are processed in order of link, starting from the highest link order number to lowest; setting in the lowest link order GPO take effect. Thus, the setting in all the applicable policies are evaluated in order.

Furthermore, how do I find my GPO precedence order? Under the Linked Group Policy Objects tab, you will see a list of GPOs that are linked to the site. It may be that there are no linked GPOs. If there are any GPOs linked, you will see their Link Order numbers, which show the order of precedence. The higher the number, the less precedence the GPO has.

One may also ask, what are the different types of group policy objects GPOs?

There are three types of GPOs: local, non-local and starter.

  • Local Group Policy Objects. A local Group Policy Objectrefers to the collection of group policy settings that only apply to the local computer and to the users who log on to that computer.
  • Non-local Group Policy Objects.
  • Starter Group Policy Objects.

How does Group Policy processing work?

Group Policy Object Processing Order. GPOs are assigned to containers (sites, domains, or OUs). The Computer section of a GPO is applied during boot. The User section of a GPO is applied at user login.

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