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What is the healthiest cabbage to eat?

Red Cabbage
This vegetable belongs to the cruciferous family of vegetables and, much like its relatives, is brimming with antioxidants and health-promoting properties. One cup (89 grams) of raw red cabbage contains 2 grams of fiber as well as 85% of the daily vitamin C requirement (41).

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Thereof, which is the best cabbage to eat?

The most common cabbage is green, but red cabbage has become increasingly popular for color in salads and cooked dishes. There are also very pretty Savoy varieties with waves of blue-green leaves which are best raw in salads or in a slaw. Cooked Savoys do not have the strong sulfur odor of green cabbage.

Secondly, is cabbage healthier raw or cooked? Cooked carrots, spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, cabbage, peppers and many other vegetables also supply more antioxidants, such as carotenoids and ferulic acid, to the body than they do when raw, Liu says. At least, that is, if they're boiled or steamed.

Correspondingly, which is better for you green or purple cabbage?

Its antioxidants include vitamin C, carotenoids, and flavonoid antioxidants, such as anthocyanins and kaempferol. For instance, research suggests that the antioxidant levels in purple cabbage are around 4.5 times higher than those found in green cabbage varieties ( 1 , 3 , 4 ).

Can I eat cabbage everyday?

If you do not want to eat cabbage soup daily for the rest of your life, you should not start a cabbage soup diet. Instead, focus on eating more whole, unprocessed foods and a variety of fruits and vegetables, including cabbage. Eating small portions and cooking the cabbage well may help.

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