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What is the going rate for trim installation?

How much does trim installation cost? The average total cost of trim installation projects ranges from $350 to $570 nationwide, and trim installation costs per linear foot can range from $4.50 to $6 for installation and painting of simple baseboards, chair rails and crown molding.

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Moreover, how much does it cost in labor to install baseboards?

Professional installation starts around $1.50-$2 a linear foot when included as part of a larger flooring or remodeling job, or $2-$4 for a stand-alone trim installation--making it $120-$320 for labor for a living room, or $750-$2,000 for for an average-sized home.

Additionally, does Home Depot install baseboards? Installing a baseboard is a quick way to update a room and add a stylish finishing touch to any room. Visit your local Home Depot for all latest deals on tools and supplies you need to get this baseboard project done.

Just so, what is the going rate to install quarter round?

Quarter round molding: fills the space where the floor meets the wall. Quarter round molding costs between $0.99-$2.99 per sq. ft.

How much does it cost to install baseboard per linear foot?

The costs of baseboard materials are generally reasonable, ranging from $0.60 per linear foot for basic styles in fiberboard to about $1.20 per linear foot for wood.

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