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What is the function of the goblet cells in the large intestine?

Goblet cells reside throughout the length of the small and large intestine and are responsible for the production and maintenance of the protective mucus blanket by synthesizing and secreting high-molecular-weight glycoproteins known as mucins.

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In this regard, what is the function of the goblet cells?

Function. The main role of goblet cells is to secrete mucus in order to protect the mucous membranes where they are found. Goblet cells accomplish this by secreting mucins, large glycoproteins formed mostly by carbohydrates.

Additionally, where are goblet cells most abundant? Goblet cells are found scattered among other cells in the epithelium of many organs, especially in the intestinal and respiratory tracts. In some areas, their numbers are rather small relative to other cell types, while in tissues such as the colon, they are much more abundant.

People also ask, where are goblet cells located and what is their function?

In the small and large intestines, goblet cells are dispersed between enterocytes. Their main function here is to produce mucus which protects and lubricates the surface of the intestines.

What role do goblet cells play in cystic fibrosis?

Defective goblet cell exocytosis contributes to murine cystic fibrosis-associated intestinal disease. Goblet cells are the principal cell type involved in exocytosis of mucin granules; however, little is known about the exocytotic process of goblet cells in the CF intestine.

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