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What is the function of the blood vessels in the anterior interventricular sulcus?

role in cardiovascular system
Shallow grooves called the interventricular sulci, containing blood vessels, mark the separation between ventricles on the front and back surfaces of the heart.

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Similarly, it is asked, what is the function of the great cardiac vein?

Function: This cardiac vein returns deoxygenated blood (metabolic waste products) from the anterior surfaces of the left ventricle. Other Nomenclature: The section of the great cardiac vein that courses anteriorly in between the left and right ventricle is also known as the anterior interventricular vein.

Likewise, what artery & vein are found in the posterior interventricular sulcus? The middle cardiac vein starts at the posterior apex and drains upward in the posterior interventricular groove adjacent to the posterior descending coronary artery, usually entering the coronary sinus near its atrial ostium. In some cases, the middle cardiac vein has a separate opening into the right atrium.

Also question is, what does the anterior interventricular sulcus contain?

anatomy of heart The other, the anterior interventricular sulcus, runs along the line between the right and left ventricles and contains a branch of the left coronary artery.

What is the function of the anterior interventricular artery?

Within the groove, the anterior interventricular artery passes around the inferior border of the heart. On the inferior surface of the heart it anastomoses with the posterior interventricular branch of the right coronary artery. The anterior interventricular artery supplies the: left ventricle.

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