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What is the function of FSH in males?

In men, LH stimulates testosterone production from the interstitial cells of the testes (Leydig cells). FSH stimulates testicular growth and enhances the production of an androgen-binding protein by the Sertoli cells, which are a component of the testicular tubule necessary for sustaining the maturing sperm cell.

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People also ask, what is the main function of FSH and LH?

FSH stimulates the ovarian follicle, causing an egg to grow. It also triggers the production of estrogen in the follicle. The rise in estrogen tells your pituitary gland to stop producing FSH and to start making more LH. The shift to LH causes the egg to be released from the ovary, a process called ovulation.

what is the role of FSH in the menstrual cycle? Several hormones are involved in the menstrual cycle of a woman: follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) causes the maturation of an egg in the ovary. luteinising hormone (LH) stimulates the release of the egg. oestrogen is involved in repairing and thickening the uterus lining, progesterone maintains it.

Regarding this, what is the role of FSH in males quizlet?

FSH/LH's role in males; FSH, along with testosterone, is needed for spermatogenesis (production of sperm). It stimulates the process to occur. LH triggers the Leydig cells of the testes to produce and secrete testosterone, which is essentially needed for sperm production.

What are normal FSH levels by age?

According to Mayo Medical Laboratories, the reference values (most typical values) for FSH are: Males older than age 18: 1.0-18.0 International Units Per Liter (IU/L) Postmenopausal women: 16.7-113.6 IU/L.

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