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What is the function of ballast resistor?

First, the ballast resistor is the long, white ceramic thing attached to the left side of the coil assembly. Basic function: the ballast resistor is a resistor contained in the primary ignition circuit wiring that lowers voltage after the engine is started to reduce wear on ignition components.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, what is the purpose of the ballast resistor?

A ballast resistor is a resistor inserted into a circuit to compensate for different changes. A resistor that has the property of increasing in resistance as current flowing through it increases, and decreasing in resistance as current decreases. This article is the first from the basic electronics series.

Also, how does a ballast resistor work? The ballast resistor allows the ignition system to operate at a lower voltage until the engine starts. The ballast resistor then functions to regulate the voltage going to the ignition system to avoid additional wear on the system.

Regarding this, is a ballast resistor necessary?

And while ignition coil life may be compromised without a resistor, the additional secondary voltage (at the spark plug) is increased which generally improves power. So does your application require a ballast resistor? Quite simply, if your distributor has breaker points the answer is yes; if not, the answer is no.

What happens when a ballast resistor goes bad?

If your ballast resistor is bad, your vehicle will not run and you will have to have it towed to the mechanic's shop. The biggest sign your ballast resistor is bad is your vehicle will start, but immediately stop as soon as you let go of the key.

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