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What is the Frontozygomatic suture?

The zygomaticofrontal suture (or frontozygomatic suture) is the cranial suture between the zygomatic bone and the frontal bone. The suture can be palpated just lateral to the eye.

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Likewise, where is the Frontonasal suture?

The frontonasal suture is the cranial suture between the frontal bone and the two nasal bones. This suture meets the internasal suture at the nasion.

Additionally, where is the Intermaxillary suture? The intermaxillary suture is a cranial suture which is located immediately underneath the anterior nasal spine in the middle of the right and left maxillary bones.

One may also ask, what is Metopic suture?

The metopic suture (also known as the frontal, interfrontal, or median frontal suture) is a type of calvarial suture. It is often associated with frontal sinus agenesis or hypoplasia 7.

How does the frontal bone grow?

Frontal bone growth and development begins as two halves with the initial formation of primary ossification centers in utero between the sixth and seventh week (Scheuer and Black, 2000) and continues until complete fusion of the metopic suture takes place, generally by the fourth year of life.

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