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What is the formula of water of crystallization?

The % water of crystallisation in the crystals is 2.25 x 100 / 6.25 = 36% [ Ar's Cu=64, S=32, O=16, H=1 ] The mass ratio of CuSO4 : H2O is 4.00 : 2.25. To convert from mass ratio to mole ratio, you divide by the molecular mass of each 'species'

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Accordingly, what is the chemical formula of water of crystallization?

Chemical Equation for Water of Crystallization Hydrated compounds contain a fixed number of water molecules and the chemical formula is written as salt·xH2O. For example, 5 moles of water is required for every mole of copper sulfate to form a crystal, so the chemical formula of hydrated copper sulfate is CuSO4·H2O.

what is water of crystallization Class 10? Water of crystallisation is a fixed number of water molecules present in one formula unit of a salt. When hydrated salts are heated strongly, they lose their water of crystallisation. On strong heating, blue copper sulphate crystals turn white (due to the loss of water of crystallisation).

Additionally, what is known as water of crystallization?

In chemistry, water of crystallization or water of hydration are water molecules that are present inside crystals. Classically, "water of crystallization" refers to water that is found in the crystalline framework of a metal complex or a salt, which is not directly bonded to the metal cation.

Why is water of crystallization important?

Role of water of crystallization is to enable the substance to form crystals. THAT is WHY to form crystals, water is allowed to evaporate slowly at normal or slightly high temperature because at very high temperature all the water would vigorously vaporize, not leaving behind any water for crystallization.

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