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What is the end product of lactic acid?

The simple equation for lactic acid fermentation is glucose ---glycolysis---> 2 pyruvate ---fermentation--> 2 lactic acid. And the molecule for lactic acid looks like this: Lactic acid, also called lactate. This is the end product of lactic acid fermentation.

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Moreover, what is lactic acid the product of?

Lactic acid is a by-product of glucose metabolism.

Secondly, what is the fate of lactic acid once produced? In each case the ultimate fate of the lactate is oxidation to ATP, CO2, and H2O by aerobic metabolism. Lactate circulating in the bloodstream can also be transported to the liver, where it is reconverted by the processes of gluconeogenesis/glyconeogenesis into glucose or glycogen, respectively.

Beside above, what happens to lactic acid after it is formed in a muscle cell?

After exercising strenuously your body produces lactic acid which your liver tuns into glucose. Lactic acid is not useful to your muscle cells, but your liver turns it back into glucose after exercise.

What is the product of lactic acid fermentation quizlet?

Both are anaerobic, both involve glycolysis (glucose breakdown to ATP), both recycle NAD+. Their products are different LAF (lactic acid) AF (ethanol and (CO2).

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