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What is the effect of temperature on surface tension and viscosity?

Surface tension and viscosity and inversely proportional to temperature. In Other words an increase in temperature causes a decrease in surface tension and viscosity. This is due to the fact that at high temperatures the molecules are at high kinetic energies hence reducing the coherent forces.

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Besides, what is the effect of temperature on the surface tension?

In general, surface tension decreases when temperature increases because cohesive forces decrease with an increase of molecular thermal activity. The influence of the surrounding environment is due to the adhesive action liquid molecules have at the interface.

Similarly, how does viscosity affect surface tension? Surface tension is the property of a liquid's surface that resists force and itis caused by unbalanced forces on surface molecules that pull toward the main part of the liquid. Viscosity is related to a liquid's resistance to being deformed or moved. This is caused by the friction between molecules.

Beside this, what is the effect of temperature on viscosity?

The former effect causes a decrease in the shear stress while the latter causes it to increase. The result is that liquids show a reduction in viscosity with increasing temperature. With high temperatures, viscosity increases in gases and decreases in liquids, the drag force will do the same.

What is the effect of temperature on density?

Cooling a substance causes molecules to slow down and get slightly closer together, occupying a smaller volume that results in an increase in density. Hot water is less dense and will float on room-temperature water. Cold water is more dense and will sink in room-temperature water.

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