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What is the difference between upcoding and Downcoding?

If the code that is recorded is for a higher level service or procedure than what is documented in the patient's chart, this is referred to as upcoding. Conversely, if the code that is documented is at a lower level of complexity or cost than what is documented, it is called downcoding.

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In this regard, what are the effects of Downcoding?

Downcoding is a very serious mistake that has the same effect as upcoding and can have a significant impact on your revenue. Downcoding refers to coding at a lower level than the level or service supported by medical documentation or medical necessity.

Also, why is Upcoding illegal? Upcoding — Health care and Medicare Fraud. This unlawful scheme is a violation of the False Claims Act (FCA) because it defrauds federal programs including Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare.

In this manner, what is Upcoding in medical billing?

Upcoding is fraudulent medical billing in which a bill sent for a health service is more expensive than it should have been based on the service that was performed. A upcoded bill can be sent to any payer—whether a private health insurer, Medicaid, Medicare, or the patient.

What is Undercoding?

Undercoding means potential revenue is left on the table because you didn't accurately code the procedure performed and missed out on reimbursement. Overcoding of CPT codes is the reporting of a higher code than what accurately represents the work done by the physician.

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