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What is the difference between T Mobile and simple mobile?

Plans: All of Simple Mobile plans include unlimited data, but the main difference is your data cap. Coverage: Simple Mobile uses T-Mobile's wireless network, but its coverage will probably work well only in metro areas or major cities.

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Accordingly, is simple mobile and tmobile the same?

Owned by TracFone Wireless (the same company that operates fellow discount carriers Page Plus and Straight Talk among others), Simple Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO. In other words, if there's a lot of congestion on T-Mobile's network, Simple Mobile customers will see their speeds slow down.

Likewise, what carrier does simple mobile use? T-Mobile's

Subsequently, one may also ask, does tmobile work with Simple Mobile?

You can bring your own phone to the network as well. If you own a phone that is compatible with T-Mobile it will work just fine on Simple Mobile as long as it is out of contract and paid off in full. Additionally, most phones from AT&T will also work, as long as they have been unlocked.

Are simple mobile phones unlocked?

U.S. GSM virtual carriers compatible with unlocked phones include Cricket, MetroPCS, Simple Mobile, Straight Talk, H2O Wireless, Black Wireless, Ready SIM, and many others. Large CDMA carriers, in general, do not accept unlocked phones.

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