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What is the difference between r22 and r410a refrigerants?

Unlike R22, R410a does not contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. R410a is better at absorbing and releasing heat than R22, making it more energy efficient to use. Since R410a operates at higher pressures it requires the use of tougher and more durable air conditioner parts.

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Considering this, what is the difference between r22 and r410?

The primary differences between the R22 and R410A air conditioning refrigerants are: R-22 is a single chemical compound, “Chlorodifluoromethane”, a leak can be “topped off” without negative effect, the leak should be repaired but a “top off” is allowed on residential equipment.

Furthermore, what happens if you mix r22 and r410? If that's so, then what R22 there is in the system can never evaporate under the higher suction pressure of R410a. It will just flood back to reduce the compressor life and will greatly reduce the system capacity.

Similarly one may ask, can I use r410a instead of r22?

No, you cannot. To make a short story long, R410A and R22 are refrigerants. They are both good refrigerants and they both work, but they have to be charged in the system at different pressures. R410A is a higher pressure system and R22 is a lower pressure system.

When did r410a replace r22?

If your heating and air conditioning system was built after January 2010, the R22 phase out dilemma may not apply to you, because it's possible that your system uses the new, approved replacement refrigerant, R410a.

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