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What is the difference between Protista and Plantae?

differences: protists are unicellular whereas plants are multicellular, plants are big and complex where as protists are microscopic, more diverse and abundant. some protists could move, plants can't move. there are differences in chlorophyll and cell wall composition, also some protists don't have cell wall.

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Also asked, how are plants and protists different?

Plants belong to the same Kingdom and originate from a common ancestor. Protists can be multicellular or unicellular organisms. Plants are all multicellular and exhibit cellular differentiation. Protists can be autotrophs, heterotrophic consumers, or decomposers.

One may also ask, what do plants and protists have in common? Protists are eukaryotes, which means their cells have a nucleus and other membrane-bound organelles. Most, but not all, protists are single-celled. Other than these features, they have very little in common. You can think about protists as all eukaryotic organisms that are neither animals, nor plants, nor fungi.

One may also ask, how are protists and plants similar and different?

Plant-like protists are autotrophs. This means that they produce their own food. They perform photosynthesis to produce sugar by using carbon dioxide and water, and the energy from sunlight, just like plants. Unlike plants, however, plant-like protists do not have true stems, roots, or leaves.

What is the main difference between protists and bacteria?

Protists have a highly evolved and well defined cell structure in comparison to Bacteria. Protists are only found in moist surroundings, while bacteria are found everywhere. Bacteria are single celled while protists can be single celled or multicellular.

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