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What is the difference between Phosfree and pool perfect?

Phosfree lowers the phosphate levels in your pool keeping it clean and sanitized. When the phosphates levels are near 100ppb is when you can start using Pool Perfect + Phosfree. When the phosphates levels are near 100ppb is when you can start using Pool Perfect + Phosfree.

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Herein, what is pool perfect PHOSfree?

Pool Perfect Plus PHOSfree reduces phosphates, eliminates water lines and non-living organic waste. The natural ingredients work with all sanitizers and improve the look and smell of your pool water. The blend increases the effectiveness of your sanitizers and reduces pool maintenance for added convenience.

Also, can you swim with PHOSfree? Natural Chemistry PHOSfree brings phosphate levels to near zero and should be used when you first begin your phosphate management program. PHOSfree is non-toxic and will not cloud pool water. It is added directly to the skimmer and is compatible with all types of swimming pools, filters, and sanitizers.

Also to know is, what is pool perfect used for?

Pool Perfect is an eco-friendly method to wipe out waterline rings which means less scrubbing and time spent cleaning in the spring. It breaks non-living organics into smaller parts so they can then be converted to carbon and water.

What is perfect weekly?

Leslie's Perfect Weekly features a revolutionary triple action formula to prevent algae, make your pool crystal clear and reduce evaporation. Just two capfuls during your weekly maintenance and you can have that perfect, crystal clear pool you've always wanted.

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