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What is the difference between original Sculpey and Super Sculpey?

Regular sculpey has more colors while Super Sculpey is a lot tougher and can be baked repeatedly. (For instance-you could make some round eyeballs, bake them, stick them into the not-yet-baked head, then bake it all together. Except regular Sculpey is just one color. and Super Sculpey is more expensive and colorful.

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Hereof, what is the difference between Sculpey and Sculpey III?

Sculpey III is easy to use and stays soft and has a matte finish when baked. Premo is more durable, soft and firm; ideal for jewelry, home decor and functional items for everyday use.

Subsequently, question is, is Original Sculpey good? Original Sculpey is a very soft and easily worked polymer clay that comes in a large boxes (from 1 to 24 pounds) and is only available in white and terra cotta. This should give a clue about its intended use. It's quite mushy and soft, can be difficult to sculpt, and is quite weak when cured.

what is the difference between Premo and Sculpey?

Sculpey III is less expensive, but it usually recommended for children or those just having fun. Premo is more expensive, is stronger after baking , and is used by more polymer clay artists. Sculpey III gets brittle after baking and is therefore not recommended for delicate projects.

Does Sculpey break easily?

Improperly cured clay is very weak and brittle, and susceptible to breaking. Certain polymer clay brands are more brittle than others. These include Sculpey Original and Sculpey III. These brands will break very easily even when they're baked properly.

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