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What is the difference between oil rubbed bronze and black?

The only real difference between the two different finishes it the color. While both are dark brown in color, oil rubbed bronze contains tiny gold and bronze flecks. A rubbed bronze finish on the other hand, is usually completely solid brown with little to no flecks within.

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Regarding this, is oil rubbed bronze like black?

For rustic drawer pulls, we like to go with oil-rubbed bronze, which is a black finish with a bit of a gold/bronze hue showing through. It definitely has a patina that will show more of the gold hues as time goes on. If you prefer the more clean, true black, you'll want to stick with matte black or flat black finishes.

Also Know, is bronze finish black? From a rich chocolate to a deep matte black with mossy green or gold edgings, a bronze finish adds warmth, texture and beauty to your living spaces. Natural bronze color has a mix of copper and tin that gives it its tint. It has a natural blond, gold hue before it is aged into its distinct mottled brown patina.

Thereof, what is the color of oil rubbed bronze?

The Oil Rubbed Bronze finish is a chemically darkened surface designed to simulate aged bronze. This finish is very dark and varies from a deep chocolate brown to a dark gray and usually has copper undertones.

What is the most popular finish for door hardware?

Satin, Chrome and Steel The silvery brightness of chrome and stainless steel are a popular doorknob color because of their design versatility. Bright chrome and stainless steel are highly polished and ideal for modern or retro decors.

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