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What is the difference between hace and desde hace?

"Desde hace" is used when talking about an interval of time, a duration, i;e: "Estoy enferma desde hace une semana." ("I have been sick for a week"). "Desde" is used when talking about a specific point in time, i.e: "Estoy enferma desde el lunes." ("I have been sick since monday.").

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Also question is, what does the word hace mean?

Noun. HACE (plural HACEs) (medicine) Initialism of high-altitude cerebral edema.

Beside above, what is por and para? Destination. In Spanish, por and para can be used to describe travel or motion. A simple rule to remember when to use the two prepositions is that por refers to travel/motion through a place or location while para refers to the destination of a journey. Salimos por la puerta.

Secondly, what is the difference between de and desde in Spanish?

"DESDE" y "DE" - How to say "FROM" While "desde" can be translated as "since" and "de" as "of", both words can mean for. This can cause a bit of confusion for people learning Spanish, as the distinction between the two isn't always clear; in fact, in many cases the two are interchangeable.

Is hace a Scrabble word?

HACE is not a valid scrabble word.

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