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What is the difference between German thyme and English thyme?

German Thyme has tiny leaves when compared to Common thyme. But the leaves are packed with more aromatic oils than many larger-leaved varieties. English Thyme is a smaller low growing plant with tiny leaves and an intense flavor. Essential in chowders, and delicious sprinkled on potatoes for roasting.

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Just so, what is German thyme?

German Thyme. This tiny-leaved thyme is among the most aromatic, more so than larger-leafed varieties. You may also hear it called winter thyme, because it is one of the most cold hardy of all the different thymes. The leaves are evergreen to semi-evergreen, depending on the how far North it is growing.

One may also ask, what is English thyme used for? English thyme is a low-growing plant with fragrant leaves. This herb goes well with just about everything. Add it (fresh or dried) to blended herb mixtures, or use in soups, sauces, beans, meat dishes, and more. It's also a great addition to potpourri or homemade soap.

Just so, what is the difference between thyme and lemon thyme?

Lemon thyme is one of the many varieties of thyme. It looks just like regular thyme, with long, thin sprigs with tiny spear-shaped green leaves. You'll notice a difference immediately when you crush a few of its leaves and breath in its sweet, lemony aroma.

What type of thyme is best for cooking?

Culinary thyme varieties with the best flavor are narrow-leaf French, broadleaf English, lemon thyme and mother-of-thyme, recommends Master Gardener Joyce Schillen of the Oregon State University Extension Service's Jackson County office. The plants have the best flavor just before their flowers open.

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