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What is the difference between extended versus limited problem solving?

Limited problem solving is used for products purchased occasionally or when buyers need to acquire information about an unfamiliar brand in a familiar product category. Consumers engage in extended problem solving when purchasing an unfamiliar, expensive, or infrequently bought product.

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In this regard, what is extended problem solving?

the process of a customer trying to get all the information they need in order to be able to make a choice between different brands of a product that they want to buy: Extensive problem solving is likely to occur when the customer is purchasing a product that they have not bought before.

Secondly, what is the problem recognition? Definition: Problem Recognition Problem recognition results when a consumer recognizes a substantial difference between what is perceived as the actual product and the product he/she wants to purchase, which directly impacts the decision making of the customer in the buying process.

what is limited decision making?

Limited decision making is consumer decision making that is used when purchasing products that require a moderate amount of time and effort to compare models and brands before making a choice.

Why do people engage in extended problem solving?

because they have little knowledge about the product. A type of product or a way of behaving that is temporarily adopted by a large number of consumers because the product, service, or behavior is considered to be socially appropriate for the time and place.

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