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What is the difference between differentiation and determination?

The main difference between cell determination and cell differentiation is that the cell determination is the assignment of the fate of the cells whereas, the cell differentiation is the morphological modification of the cells to perform the assigned function.

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Herein, what is the difference between determination and differentiation quizlet?

determination is the process in which embryonic stem cells commit to one specialized function. differentiation is the process in which cells develop their specialized shapes and functions. determination has to happen for differentiation to occur.

Also, what happens to cells during determination? role in embryonic growth depends on a process called cell determination, in which initially identical cells become committed to different pathways of development. A fundamental part of cell determination is the ability of cells to detect different chemicals within different regions of the embryo.

In respect to this, what is differentiation and determination?

Determination implies a stable change - the fate of determined cells does not change. Differentiation follows determination, as the cell elaborates a cell-specific developmental program. That is, genetic information is not lost as cells become determined and begin to differentiate.

What is the molecular definition of determination?

Cell determination is influenced by the action of the extracellular environment and the contents of the cell's genome. When a cell is said to be determined it means that the cell is irreversibly committed to a specific cell fate. See also: morphogenesis, induction, evocator.

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