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What is the difference between center lines construction lines and object lines?

The purpose of construction lines is to give you an outline of what you are about to draw. Object lines are used for outlining the shape and giving it its main features. The purpose of hidden lines is to show where other faces exist that are not seen. Center lines show the diameter of circles in a sketch.

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Similarly one may ask, what is the difference between a construction line and an object line?

Construction lines are thin lines that serve as guides while sketching or drawing while an object line is a heavy solid line used on a drawing to represent the outline of an object.

Also, what are object lines? Object lines are solid heavy lines, . 7 mm to . 9 mm. These lines define the shape of the object portrayed and are the outermost outline of the object. Both would be drawn with object lines.

Correspondingly, what is the purpose of center lines?

Structural lines and center lines are a key part of the sketching process for both traditional animation and standard drawing and are used to help create balanced, symmetrical figures with proper distribution of weight and perspective views.

What is line and type of line?

There are four types of lines: horizontal line, vertical line, perpendicular, and parallel lines. They are defined based on their orientation, and the angles if any, formed between them. Let's look at each one of them.

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