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What is the difference between a spray and a foam?

A spray insulation is referred to open cell or closed cell because of the difference between the small bubbles (cells) that make up the foam. Open cell foam is full of cells that aren't completely encapsulated. In other words, the cells are deliberatly left open. This makes the foam a softer, more flexable material.

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Then, is spray in foam insulation worth it?

The EPA's Energy Star Association has shown that monthly energy bills can be cut by up to 20% when air leaks are sealed and efficient insulation is installed. The initial cost of spray foam insulation is well worth the investment, when factoring in the overall savings that will be headed your way over the long term.

Also, can you spray foam insulation yourself? A: Tom Silva replies: Spray foam is great insulation, but it's fairly demanding to apply; the kit instructions have to be followed exactly. Then fill any gaps between the edges of the foam boards and the joists using the canned spray foam sold at home centers or hardware stores.

Likewise, is 1 inch spray foam enough?

Open-cell spray foam has an R-value of about R-3.7 per inch, while closed-cell spray foam has an R-value that may be as high as R-6.5 per inch.

Can mold grow on spray foam insulation?

As a product, spray foam insulation does not attract mold. And unlike wood or metal, spray foam does not rot, rust or deteriorate. This means that an area properly sprayed with foam insulation will never become a food source or a hospitable environment for a mold colony.

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