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What is the definition of anxiety in sport?

Typically defined as “an unpleasant psychological state in reaction to perceived stress concerning the performance of a task under pressure”,3 anxiety is a common emotional state experienced by athletes at all levels of performance.

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Then, what causes anxiety in sport?

The factors which can increase stress and anxiety are: physical demands, psychological demands, environmental demands, expectations and pressure to perform to a high standard, significant other stressors, relationship issues and life direction concerns (Reilly and Williams, 2003).

Beside above, how do sports deal with anxiety? Reduce Performance Anxiety Before the Event

  1. Recognize that pre-race jitters are normal. Accept, rather than fight, the nervous energy you feel.
  2. Prepare both mentally and physically. Arrive at the event with plenty of time so you aren't rushed, which only increases your stress.
  3. Visualize.

Also to know is, what are the different types of anxiety in sport?

There are two main types of anxiety:

  • Trait anxiety – this is the personality core, and consistent worry/behaviour regardless of situation.
  • State anxiety – this is changeable and varies depending upon the situation. It is a temporary mood state and it comprises of two types: Cognitive state anxiety – amount of worry.

What is the Sport Anxiety Scale?

The Sport Anxiety Scale (SAS) The Sport Anxiety Scale-2 (Smith et al., 2006) is a questionnaire that assesses the competitive trait anxiety experienced by athletes before or during competition. Other similar tests include the Sport Competition Anxiety Test.

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