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What is the data access exception hierarchy?

Class DataAccessException
This exception hierarchy aims to let user code find and handle the kind of error encountered without knowing the details of the particular data access API in use (e.g. JDBC). Thus it is possible to react to an optimistic locking failure without knowing that JDBC is being used.

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Also know, what is data access exception in Java?

- DataAccessException is an unchecked RuntimeException. These type of exceptions are unforced by users to handle. This exception is used to handle the errors occurring when the details of the database access API in use, such as JDBC.

Also Know, what is data integrity violation exception? Exception thrown when an attempt to insert or update data results in violation of an integrity constraint. Basically it means that hibernate tried to do something, but the database raised an exception. Most common case might be that you are deleting a parent but not deleting a child with a foreign key to that parent.

Consequently, how do you handle exceptions in DAO layer?

Don't handle any exceptions in the DAO layer, instead throw it to the front-end and handle it. To handle the exception all you need to do is to catch the appropriate exception in the hierarchy and address it.

What is Exception translation in spring?

Persistence Exception Translation is the process of converting low level persistence exceptions into high level Spring exceptions. Spring can wrap exceptions from your O/R mapping tool of choice, converting them from proprietary (potentially checked) exceptions to a common runtime DataAccessException hierarchy.

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