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What is the climax of the book monster?

The climax of Monster is the jury's verdict. The trial has been the focal point of the novel. Whether Steve will be found guilty or not guilty has been the driving force of the narrative. It is the basis for the trial and, at the same time, has also been an essential part of how Steve perceives himself.

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People also ask, what is the rising action of the book monster?

The rising action begins with Steve in jail and beginning his screenplay in the midst of the horrors of hardened criminals, rapists, and violence. It continues to the climax, which is the verdict of not guilty.

Also Know, how does the book Monster end? After the verdict has been read, Steve moves closer to his attorney (O'Brien) to hug her. She moves away from him. The novel ends with Steve's thoughts five months after the trial. King has been sentenced to 25 years to life, Bobo is still in jail, and Osvaldo has recently been arrested for stealing a car.

Thereof, what is the main conflict in the book monster?

The Main Conflict of "Monster" The problem around around the book Monster by Walter Dean Myers is that the main character didn't do the killing but was involved in the process. The main character was pressured to take part of it and some other people too.

What does the blanket symbolize in Monster?

Steve tries to hide under his blanket to avoid trial on several occasions. His blanket symbolizes safety and comfort. This is due to the fact that when he is under his blanket, he can pretend he's anywhere, such as in his room back in Harlem and no in the scary place he really is.

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