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What is the best way to cut wall panels?

Circular Saw
To keep from splintering the finish surface of the paneling, cut from the backside. Paneling blades are available for circular saws, or you may use a fine-tooth wood blade. Set the blade depth to the thickness of the paneling and use sawhorses and a sheet of plywood to make a cutting table.

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Likewise, people ask, what is the best tool to cut paneling?

Sabre Saw. For precision cutting and detail work, the best way to cut paneling is with a sabre saw with a fine tooth blade. It is fast and easy, but a sabre saw is extremely difficult to keep in a straight line when free-handing.

Also, how do you cut paneling with a jigsaw? A jigsaw provides a fast, safe way to cut plywood. The catch: It's nearly impossible to keep the narrow blade cutting straight when sawing the thin sheets. The solution is to clamp a pair of straight-edge boards in place to serve as a saw guide. Place the first guide board on the paneling parallel with the cut line.

Hereof, how do you cut paneling without chipping?

Setup Rule. A portable circular saw cuts upward; the blade enters the underside of the paneling and exits through the top side. The exit side is where splintering occurs. To avoid marring the face of your paneling, place the panel on the sawhorses or other support with its face-side down.

What is the best way to cut beadboard?

When using a table saw or hand cross cut saw, always make your cut with the finished side up. If you choose to use a circular or jig saw, make your cuts from the back side of your panel. Always use a fine tooth or Paneling blade (not a rip blade).

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