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What is the best pool decking?

Swimming Pool Decking Materials
  • Concrete. Poured concrete is the most popular – and usually most affordable – pool decking material.
  • Wood. Wood is another popular decking material.
  • Stone.
  • Pavers.
  • Tile Deck.

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Just so, what is the best material to use for a pool deck?


Additionally, how much decking should I have around my pool? Minimum Deck Width According to the Swimming Pool Ideas website, pool decks should be at least 4 feet wide. Pool decks that are at least 4 feet wide provide a safe surface for entering or exiting the pool. Municipal codes for residential pool deck generally require 4 foot wide decks.

Just so, what is the best paver to use around a pool?

There are a number of types of pool pavers that can be used to compliment your outdoor area.

  • Bluestone Pavers. As a paving material, Bluestone is extremely durable, environmentally friendly and very popular.
  • Concrete Pavers.
  • Porcelain Pavers.
  • Travertine Pavers.

What type of concrete is used for pool decks?

Poured concrete has been the material of choice for pool decking for decades because it's durable and water-resistant. When finished with a brushed surface, poured concrete allows swimmers to walk barefooted without the risk of slipping.

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