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What is the best gun to kill a raccoon?

Typically a 22 caliber pistol or rifle is sufficient for shooting Raccoon. It may however take several shots to take down a healthy adult coon. If you have small hunting dogs you want to go for a kill shot (in the head).

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Similarly, is it illegal to kill a raccoon?

Hunting & Trapping Raccoons Do not use poison to kill any wildlife – it's illegal. Contact a professional pest control company or your municipality if you have a persistent raccoon problem. Raccoons may be trapped (in season) by registered trappers who have a valid trapping licence.

Likewise, how do you kill a raccoon for good? Killing The Raccoon After Trapping Drowning the raccoon is inhumane and fairly impractical. The two good methods of killing a trapped raccoon are a carbon dioxide chamber or a lethal injection, either of which will give the animal a quick and painless death.

Consequently, will a 1200 fps pellet gun kill a raccoon?

if you beat said racoon in the head with a pellet gun it oughta do da trick. quote: a . 177 pellet to the head at 1200 fps will kill a man.

Can I kill a raccoon with a pellet gun?

I would not recommend any "normal" pellet gun for a raccoon. First of all, as mentioned above, if you shoot it with a bb or low power pellet gun, you might wound it slightly to the point where the wounds get infected and the animal dies a slow, painful death.

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