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What is the base of a column called?

Plinth. The plinth is the foot, or the base of the column that rests directly on the stylobate. Plinths differ in design depending on the type of column. Plinths are also used as a platform for different objects such as a pedestal, statue or monument.

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Accordingly, what is the base of a column?

Base. The base is the lowest part or division of a column. Egyptian and Greek Doric columns were typically placed directly on the floor without a base. In contrast to this, Ionic columns had an elaborate base made up of groups of mouldings (decorative strips) and fillets (narrow bands with vertical faces).

Secondly, what is the decorative top of a column called? Capitals are the tops of round columns and may be of several distinct types or orders. Greek Doric capitals are fluted and plain, Roman Doric capitals are smooth and plain, Ionic capitals have a rams horns at all four corners, and a Corinthian capital is highly decorative with curling acanthus leaves.

In this manner, what is the bottom part of a column called?

Used to support an arch, an impost, or pier, is the topmost member of a column. The bottom-most part of the arch, called the springing, rests on the impost.

What are the 3 types of columns?

The Greeks invented the 3 types of columns to support their buildings that we still use today! Doric, Ionic and Corinthian are the three main styles!

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