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What is the American Red Cross annual budget?

$4.1 billion

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In this way, how much money does the Red Cross make each year?

Financial Charts

Year Program Expenses Primary Revenue
2015 $2,587,035,899 $2,585,095,007
2016 $2,393,557,816 $2,516,804,587
2017 $2,499,301,107 $2,545,588,135
2018 $2,830,834,780 $3,357,812,597

Likewise, how many lives does American Red Cross Save a year? In the face of emergencies, the American Red Cross mobilizes the power of volunteers and generosity of donors to respond to our neighbors in need. As of June 30, 2016, at least 95 lives were saved thanks to the volunteers, sponsors and partners supporting the American Red Cross Home Fire Campaign.

how much money does the American Red Cross have?

Every chapter is officially chartered by the national Board of Governors. The directors of the chapters have some degree of autonomy is determining which programs and services are most vital in their area, while the Red Cross' $4.1 billion annual budget is distributed at the national level to the individual chapters.

Why you shouldn't donate to Red Cross?

Why You Shouldn't Donate to the Red Cross. During times of disaster, many feel obligated to make donations in order to help out. After 9/11, the Red Cross received over 1 billion dollars in donations and used it to open a few shelters. They allegedly charged rescue workers for the food and drinks they served.

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