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What is the address of the Mrs Doubtfire house?

2640 Steiner Street

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Just so, does anyone live in the Mrs Doubtfire house?

The Victorian house, set in the city's enviable Pacific Heights area, was used for the film's exterior shots back in 1993; serving as the front of the home inhabited by Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams)'s ex-wife Miranda (Sally Field), where Daniel turns up as the disguised nanny Mrs.

was Mrs Doubtfire filmed inside the house? While the iconic exterior is memorable thanks to the film, the interior used in the movie was actually shot inside in a Bay Area warehouse. Following Williams' death in 2014, the address of the home at 2640 Steiner Street became a memorial for the star, adorned with flowers, candles and messages of remembrance.

In respect to this, how much is the Mrs Doubtfire house?

The Pacific Heights mansion in San Francisco made famous as the workplace of comedian Robin Williams's madcap character Mrs. Doubtfire is up for sale. The price? $4.45 million.

How far is Mrs Doubtfire house from Painted Ladies?

Not exactly filmed at the Painted Ladies, but only located about one mile north of Alamo Square at 2640 Steiner St., the 1993 film Mrs. Doubtfire was shot on this and other San Francisco locations.

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