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What is the ACA affordability percentage for 2019?

9.86 percent

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Considering this, what is the ACA affordability percentage for 2020?

9.78 percent

Additionally, how do you calculate affordability for ACA? Affordability is determined as a certain percentage of an employee's household income. Using the adjusted percentage for 2020, if the required employee premium contribution does not exceed 9.78% of the employee's household income, then the coverage is affordable under the ACA.

In this way, what is the affordability percentage for 2019?

ACA's Affordability Threshold Rises in 2019

Plan Calendar Year Prior Year's Federal Poverty Level Affordability Percentage
2019 $ 12,140 9.86%
2018 $ 12,060 9.56%
2017 $ 11.880 9.69%
2016 $ 11.770 9.66%

What is the federal poverty level for ACA?

Percentage of Federal Poverty Level (FPL) for Obamacare

2020 Enrollment (2019 data) Percent of Federal Poverty Level (FPL)
Household size 100% 138%
1 $12,490 $17,236
2 $16,910 $23,336
3 $21,330 $29,435

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