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What is the AC contactor?

AC Power Center
The contactor is essentially a type of switch that receives a low voltage signal (24V) from your furnace to power on. This closing of the circuit allows electricity to power the air conditioner's fan and compressor motors. Contactors come in generally two different types: single pole and double pole.

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Similarly, you may ask, what happens when AC contactor goes bad?

The Contactor Contactors can fail electrically or mechanically. A sign of failure on a contactor is that the condenser unit will not shut off even if the thermostat is set to power off. And mechanical failure can happen if something has gotten into it such as pests or debris that prevent it from working.

One may also ask, what causes a contactor to fail? Electrical failure – Three different electrical issues can cause contactor failure. The insulation between the coil wires can break down and cause a short. The coil can become grounded through another metal component when the wiring insulation deteriorates. The coil can also become stuck in an open position.

Hereof, how much does it cost to replace an AC contactor?

AC Service Call, Parts, Time and Installation Cost

Repair Task Part Cost Cost Installed
Replace Circuit Breaker $25-$65 $110-$180
Thermostat Replacement $80-$220 $140-$325
Replacement AC Contactor $25-$75 $110-$225
Air Conditioner Capacitor $25-$45 $100-$225

Why is my AC contactor not pulling in?

Answer: If the contactor is not getting the 24 volts to the contactor coil then it could be a time delay relay (if the unit is equipped), thermostat problem, transformer problem, safety control, (low on refrigerate) wiring problem or a condensate pump, secondary drain pan safety switch problem.

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