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What is TELC Deutsch?

Die telc gGmbH ist ein Sprachtestanbieter mit Hauptsitz in Frankfurt am Main. telc steht für „The European Language Certificates“ – die Europäischen Sprachenzertifikate. Das gemeinnützige Unternehmen ist eine Tochtergesellschaft des Deutschen Volkshochschul-Verbandes.

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Similarly, you may ask, how long does it take to get TELC results?

If you do not want to wait up to six weeks for your Telc result, you have the possibility to book an express evaluation when registering for the examination. The results will be delivered within two weeks.

Subsequently, question is, which is better TELC or Goethe? To make it short: there are no significant differences, as both - Goethe and telc - are recognized testing bodies. Just take the exam that suits you better in terms of testing dates and/or price (telc exams tend to be cheaper than the Goethe ones). telc tests 10 languages, the Goethe Institue only German.

Also to know is, how do you pass the b2 TELC German exam?

To pass the B2 exam, the candidate has to get 60% of the maximum points in the written exam as well as in the oral exam. This means 135 points in the written and 45 points in the oral exam.

How do I prepare for the German b2 exam?

For preparing for the B2 exam following are the pointers that I implemented and it helped me.

  1. Revise all the B1 grammar taught and keep practicing modules, it is an important part of the Schriftliche and Hoeren part of the paper.
  2. Listen to radio channels and daily news in German in all the accents possible.

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