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What is struct In_addr?

In memory, the struct sockaddr_in is the same size as struct sockaddr, and you can freely cast the pointer of one type to the other without any harm, except the possible end of the universe. Now, that struct in_addr is a weird beast on different systems.

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Likewise, people ask, what is In_addr?

The in_addr structure represents an IPv4 Internet address. When testing return values with inet_pton (using a random IP like 219.225.

Additionally, what is Sockfd? sockfd is the listening socket descriptor. information about incoming connection is stored in. addr which is a pointer to a local struct sockaddr_in. addrlen is set to sizeof(struct sockaddr_in) accept returns a new socket file descriptor to use for.

Similarly, what is Netinet?

The <netinet/in. h> header also defines the IN6ADDR_LOOPBACK_INIT macro. This macro must be constant at compile time and can be used to initialize a variable of type struct in6_addr to the IPv6 loopback address. The <netinet/in.

What is Sin_zero?

As struct sockaddr_in needs to be cast to struct sockaddr it has to be kept the same size, sin_zero is an unused member whose sole purpose is to pad the structure out to 16 bytes (which is the size of sock_addr). This padding size may vary depending on the address family.

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