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What is South Texas College mascot?

Mascot: Jaguar

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Moreover, is South Texas a college?

South Texas College. South Texas is a public college located in McAllen, Texas in the Brownsville Area. It is a big institution with an enrollment of 10,788 undergraduate students.

Additionally, what is South Texas College known for? Founded in 1993, South Texas College offers more than 120 degree & certificate options, including associate degrees in a variety of liberal art, social science, business, math, science, technology, advanced manufacturing and allied health fields of study.

Also Know, what type of college is South Texas College?

South Texas College (STC) is a public community college in the Rio Grande Valley region of South Texas.

Is South Texas College of Law a good school?

The South Texas College of Law Houston is a mostly decent metropolitan law school that is the oldest in Houston. It's right downtown so you have easy access to law firms and other potential employers. Its trial advocacy program is absolutely terrific, having won 125 national and international championships.

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