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What is so unique about Madagascar's ecosystem?

Madagascar's most unique forests are also some of its most endangered. Madagascar's so-called spiny forests (or "spiny desert") are endemic to the arid southern tip of the island. Madagascar's spiny forests are being rapidly destroyed for use as charcoal and building material.

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Consequently, why is Madagascar so unique?

Madagascar is unusual not only for its endemic species, but also for the species that are conspicuously absent. Because of Madagascar's geographic isolation, many groups of plants and animals are entirely absent from the island. Their descendants underwent dwarfing and evolved into species unique to the island.

Subsequently, question is, what is Madagascar famous for? As the biggest island in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is famous for its unique wildlife and biodiversity. With breathtaking views of nature, white sand beaches, stunning rainforest and delicious local food, this spot offers an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Consequently, what is happening to the forest of Madagascar and what is the outcome?

Deforestation in Madagascar is an ongoing environmental issue. Deforestation creates agricultural or pastoral land but can also result in desertification, water resource degradation, biodiversity erosion and habitat loss, and soil loss.

What is the environment like in Madagascar?

Madagascar's climate is tropical along the coast, temperate inland, and arid in the south. The island harbors lush rain forests, tropical dry forests, plateaus and deserts.

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